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In Uncategorized on 25.11.2008 at 00:23

does not translate very well to French, but it should.  ok cheri!  je suis partie pour le plein-repas!  je vais retourner tout grosse!

it would be amazing and beautiful if it would snow – but that would dash my ever real hopes of being super active (aw shucks, i might just have to make lots of s’mores.)  i think my best bet is just to a) draw pictures or b) enjoy flurries in the early morning like a true Tennessean.

since i haven’t told anyone about this ‘blog’ if one should even call it that – i really shouldn’t implore people to call me and leave me voice messages so i feel loved when i get back… but life doesn’t always make sense, does it?

so call me and leave me messages, fb will suffice but true friends call the cellular.  also – someone clue me in on how to put insane amounts of pictures in here!