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holiday food. yes this is totally not related to french.

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very first is an all-day extravaganza with laura, my only friend.  i won’t taunt you with all the pictures, because they’ve all been eaten.  all you need is this.  a cookie cake.  decorated by the very best.

let’s continue with a cooking extravaganza at the larsons’.  my camera was not out for the majority but i managed to capture potatoes and candy.  so i think all is not lost.

Potatoes all in a row

Then of course came the chocolate fudge, the peanut butter chocolate pecan fudge, the oreo truffles, the haystacks, the white chocolate m&m deliciousness, and i can’t remember all that we dipped in chocolate.

HAY stacks! woot

pretzels! i'm in the mood for christmas!

oreo truffles. "come! eat me! i'm GOOD for you!"

I know you wish you were there, because we forced a plate of everything on everyone who was there.  INCLUDING me.  (merci à dieu)  soon thereafter, thanksgiving day came and dorsey and i found ourselves responsible for only one dessert instead of 5.  Thankful, we made the best pie that Laura ever made :).  Caramel apple pie!  Because why have apples without caramel?  (This is a question I find myself asking a lot now.)

luscious pie

I think we best leave it at that.  It is not all of the pictures, nor all of the food that was so deliciously prepared.  However, it is a taste of what you would experience if you were ACTUALLY there.  And then you wouldn’t need to check this blog every once in a blue moon.  (A phrase which is apparently under debate, when is a blue moon everyone?  Inquiring minds want to know.)

And okay, I learned épousseter today.  But really it is much too boring of a word to burden you with its meaning.