Quelques infos sur moi

This will not be in the wonderful language of français but that is the reason I started this blog.  I so enjoy new discoveries in other languages and I simply wanted to share that pure joy with the world.  Most of my discoveries do pertain to French, but often I come upon something that truly intrigues me in Turkish, Russian, Japanese, or any other given language.  Please do comment if ever you decide I NEED to know something that you do, and that I do not.

I have other interests, most of them teasingly diverse, which one would be introduced to if one took the time to read this rambling sort of blog.  I am a Nashvillian and adore it for the majority of the time.  I dream of being brave enough to live abroad again or moving to be closer to my Top 5 Favorite People.  (But really, they should come move here.)  At the time that I am writing this (a year or so after starting this site) I have finished my masters degree and am entertaining my creative side…

But enough of that.  I do love that mysterious people visit this site.  They are most likely all related to me (at least in the future tense) but I do have dreams of being Julie Powell.  Perhaps if those dreams were actually important I would write more often.  🙂


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