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a little bit of ugh.

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when you wake up unresolved (i.e. running is totally NOT going to happen this morning, no matter what kind of alarm was set), but fully rested, there is almost nothing better than going downstairs to turn on mr. keurig and finding delicious breakfast treats that you just did not notice the day before.  eligible contestants for this phenomenon include: a) freshly made/ discovered from magic freezer land muffins (blueberry, chocolate chip), b) pancakes or waffles, c) assembled fruit salad, d) some sort of breakfast casserole, e) exciting bread/ pastry/ carbalicious item.

today it was happily e) exciting great harvest bread.  i do hope i was meant to consume some, because if i could be on a call-list for great harvest…

GH: Katie?  This is Great Harvest, Green Hills

K: Good to hear from you, what’s the status?

GH: 3 loaves of Cinnamon Awesomeness Loaf.  $3 for all.

K: Already there, don’t you see me outside?

If only.  Also, if only carbs actually made life better for longer than 10 minutes.  I hope I don’t develop dependency on food.  Keep an eye on me friends.  A close one.

On a different note, if you speak French (and not just say you speak French because you know Spanish and hey! it can’t be that different!) please converse with me.  I most definitely will not get a job if I cannot communicate in French that: ‘this is a vintage wedding dress of the owner’s from the 60’s – do you see how it has held up over time?’.  LAME.

ceci est une robe de noces des années soixante de la femme qui habitait ici – vois-tu comme elle resistait aux éléments?


holiday food. yes this is totally not related to french.

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very first is an all-day extravaganza with laura, my only friend.  i won’t taunt you with all the pictures, because they’ve all been eaten.  all you need is this.  a cookie cake.  decorated by the very best.

let’s continue with a cooking extravaganza at the larsons’.  my camera was not out for the majority but i managed to capture potatoes and candy.  so i think all is not lost.

Potatoes all in a row

Then of course came the chocolate fudge, the peanut butter chocolate pecan fudge, the oreo truffles, the haystacks, the white chocolate m&m deliciousness, and i can’t remember all that we dipped in chocolate.

HAY stacks! woot

pretzels! i'm in the mood for christmas!

oreo truffles. "come! eat me! i'm GOOD for you!"

I know you wish you were there, because we forced a plate of everything on everyone who was there.  INCLUDING me.  (merci à dieu)  soon thereafter, thanksgiving day came and dorsey and i found ourselves responsible for only one dessert instead of 5.  Thankful, we made the best pie that Laura ever made :).  Caramel apple pie!  Because why have apples without caramel?  (This is a question I find myself asking a lot now.)

luscious pie

I think we best leave it at that.  It is not all of the pictures, nor all of the food that was so deliciously prepared.  However, it is a taste of what you would experience if you were ACTUALLY there.  And then you wouldn’t need to check this blog every once in a blue moon.  (A phrase which is apparently under debate, when is a blue moon everyone?  Inquiring minds want to know.)

And okay, I learned épousseter today.  But really it is much too boring of a word to burden you with its meaning.