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enseignante? professeur? instituctrice? mon dieu!

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je vais être une enseignante de français finalement!  je suis si heureuse que je ne me souviens plus de ne pas savoir si je vais être enseignante ou non!  donc j’ai décidé de lire plus de blogs, de nouvelles, de tout en français avant de commencer mon année comme professeur de français.

si tu es enseignant(e), s’il vous plait m’envoie un message.  dis-moi ce que tu avais eu envie de savoir ta première année d’enseigner.

in the english:  if you’re a teacher, please tell me what you would have liked to know your first year of teaching!  what should i have for my classroom?  what are good resources for organization, discipline forms, activities, and even if i know about them, i will be so glad to hear it from you!



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Refer to link below to see how I measure up on the wall of accomplishment!


Yay!  I am so happy!

geaux saints!

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i adore the culture of new orleans and the bad grammar that it has spawned.  i love studying and describing grammar usage, but please!  who needs to be prescriptive when people want to say ‘who dat’?  i am not the one to take away their joy! (or my own for that matter.)

to that end, please shun your high school english classes and join drew brees, the quarterback for fun!  and if you take your language too seriously, then you probably shouldn’t be watching football anyway.  so cheer for the supa beauxl (iv) or write your novel.  choose wisely.

(pictures of my fantastic home-made t-shirt to come.)

Mon Dieu! Où est M X?

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Body Print!

who died here?

Il y a un mystère ici.  Quelqu’un a tué mon voisin pendant la période de neige.  Je me sens une émisssion phantastique qui vient.  Qui veut être une partie de l’émission de télévision: le dîner du meutre?

(I just wanted to post in French.  No actual murder mystery dinner party is to come.  Blame this on not sleeping late!)

i learned dirty french words

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but i’m not going to post them here.  you’ll just have to coax them out of me… in person.  like a real friend.

i did learn the word for dandelion : un pissenlit.


more importantly i think everyone needs to know about the relevance of the vienna boys choir.  they not only sing in uzbek, bulgarian, german (duh), french, italian, english (with adorable accents), etc. etc. etc., they even dance in leiderhosen all while i clap my little heart out.  but does that make them relevant?  i hear you ask.  well, no, it doesn’t.  but singing my fair lady in german sure does.  and singing rent and ABBA really surely does.  in fact, if anybody is out there that disputes this – then go see them, and if you a) don’t cry during the korean love song and b) don’t adore little austrian boys trying to put some soul into seasons of love, then GO HOME and never speak to me again.

thank you.

fantastic free f’show!

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Table of D O O M

Table of D O O M

Introduce yourself to the table of doom.  Say hello.  Tell it your name and your favorite hobbies, perhaps your favorite moment from Friends or Lost.  It won’t care!  IT IS THE TABLE OF DOOM!

It lives only to topple your drinks and your dreams!  After it has done that, it will mock you by not allowing you to be a lazy bum and lean on it during really awesome performances by guys dressed up like a marching band.

*Note: My privileges of picking sitting locations at bars/ shows/ restaurants/ my own home have been revoked until further notice by Natalie.

**Notex2: This post is from last weekend.  As mentioned before, I am a lazy bum.

***Notex3: Hopefully I will never tag something ‘Table of Doom’ ever again.


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I get jealous of people who are really witty and have people they don’t know read their blog!  So here I will go with educating all yous peoples about the general hilarity of the French language… 

me, i twirl

and me.  Who is not French no matter how many Southerners seem to think it is true.