it has been awhile!

In jesus on 29.03.2010 at 20:42

hi all!

i’m not sure who you all are (it may be the occasional no one) (but then again, it might be more if i wrote more than once every two months)… but i wanted to celebrate with you.  it seems to be spring!  and while i know i have shared my love of snoopy snacks, odd french words, linguistics, and other various items, i shy away from the things that are truly important to me.  the internet is a scary place to share everything about oneself and prior to this post, i agreed with saying: if i wouldn’t tell my next-door neighbor, why would i tell the internet?

but it is really important to celebrate why i get so excited about spring.  God.  i struggle all during the winter and the result is usually a hardened heart.  and that was the exact result this year!  i praise God that he opened my eyes to the process that had been working in my heart for the past months… and that He reversed it.  so go outside.  look at the pops of yellow and green that are resurfacing!  then take a moment and thank Him for it all.  pray that you may experience the same change in your life.


My last year patio flowers!

  1. My goodness! you’re such a great writer and story teller!! You should definitely blog more often! It great seeing today!

    Je t’adore!

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