le samedi, je t’adore.

In intricacies of language on 23.01.2010 at 23:55

I have probably mentioned this before, but a) ‘le’ before a day of the week indicates a habitual action (some college students simply cannot grasp that) and b) the verb ‘adorer’ was reserved in the French culture for religious adoration.  I choose the past tense there to indicate that while the peculiarity does exist, it is passing with this older generation.

Having said that, I do ‘adore’ samedi.  All my favorite people are about (or most) and everyone is so joyous to be outside walking their dogs or going to the store!  Everything is new on Saturday.  I wish everyone could find that joy everyday.  They could find a new motto for life, like ‘Hey!  It’s not Saturday, but I’m acting like it!’ or ‘I’m happy even though it’s Monday!’ or ‘No way do I identify with Office Space!’.  Any of those would make wonderful traffic inducing bumper stickers.  You know those bumper stickers that NO ONE can read, but we all still try.


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