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enseignante? professeur? instituctrice? mon dieu!

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je vais être une enseignante de français finalement!  je suis si heureuse que je ne me souviens plus de ne pas savoir si je vais être enseignante ou non!  donc j’ai décidé de lire plus de blogs, de nouvelles, de tout en français avant de commencer mon année comme professeur de français.

si tu es enseignant(e), s’il vous plait m’envoie un message.  dis-moi ce que tu avais eu envie de savoir ta première année d’enseigner.

in the english:  if you’re a teacher, please tell me what you would have liked to know your first year of teaching!  what should i have for my classroom?  what are good resources for organization, discipline forms, activities, and even if i know about them, i will be so glad to hear it from you!


a little bit of ugh.

In food, word of the day on 20.06.2010 at 12:43

when you wake up unresolved (i.e. running is totally NOT going to happen this morning, no matter what kind of alarm was set), but fully rested, there is almost nothing better than going downstairs to turn on mr. keurig and finding delicious breakfast treats that you just did not notice the day before.  eligible contestants for this phenomenon include: a) freshly made/ discovered from magic freezer land muffins (blueberry, chocolate chip), b) pancakes or waffles, c) assembled fruit salad, d) some sort of breakfast casserole, e) exciting bread/ pastry/ carbalicious item.

today it was happily e) exciting great harvest bread.  i do hope i was meant to consume some, because if i could be on a call-list for great harvest…

GH: Katie?  This is Great Harvest, Green Hills

K: Good to hear from you, what’s the status?

GH: 3 loaves of Cinnamon Awesomeness Loaf.  $3 for all.

K: Already there, don’t you see me outside?

If only.  Also, if only carbs actually made life better for longer than 10 minutes.  I hope I don’t develop dependency on food.  Keep an eye on me friends.  A close one.

On a different note, if you speak French (and not just say you speak French because you know Spanish and hey! it can’t be that different!) please converse with me.  I most definitely will not get a job if I cannot communicate in French that: ‘this is a vintage wedding dress of the owner’s from the 60’s – do you see how it has held up over time?’.  LAME.

ceci est une robe de noces des années soixante de la femme qui habitait ici – vois-tu comme elle resistait aux éléments?

it has been awhile!

In jesus on 29.03.2010 at 20:42

hi all!

i’m not sure who you all are (it may be the occasional no one) (but then again, it might be more if i wrote more than once every two months)… but i wanted to celebrate with you.  it seems to be spring!  and while i know i have shared my love of snoopy snacks, odd french words, linguistics, and other various items, i shy away from the things that are truly important to me.  the internet is a scary place to share everything about oneself and prior to this post, i agreed with saying: if i wouldn’t tell my next-door neighbor, why would i tell the internet?

but it is really important to celebrate why i get so excited about spring.  God.  i struggle all during the winter and the result is usually a hardened heart.  and that was the exact result this year!  i praise God that he opened my eyes to the process that had been working in my heart for the past months… and that He reversed it.  so go outside.  look at the pops of yellow and green that are resurfacing!  then take a moment and thank Him for it all.  pray that you may experience the same change in your life.


My last year patio flowers!


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Refer to link below to see how I measure up on the wall of accomplishment!


Yay!  I am so happy!

geaux saints!

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i adore the culture of new orleans and the bad grammar that it has spawned.  i love studying and describing grammar usage, but please!  who needs to be prescriptive when people want to say ‘who dat’?  i am not the one to take away their joy! (or my own for that matter.)

to that end, please shun your high school english classes and join drew brees, the quarterback for fun!  and if you take your language too seriously, then you probably shouldn’t be watching football anyway.  so cheer for the supa beauxl (iv) or write your novel.  choose wisely.

(pictures of my fantastic home-made t-shirt to come.)

Mon Dieu! Où est M X?

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Body Print!

who died here?

Il y a un mystère ici.  Quelqu’un a tué mon voisin pendant la période de neige.  Je me sens une émisssion phantastique qui vient.  Qui veut être une partie de l’émission de télévision: le dîner du meutre?

(I just wanted to post in French.  No actual murder mystery dinner party is to come.  Blame this on not sleeping late!)

le samedi, je t’adore.

In intricacies of language on 23.01.2010 at 23:55

I have probably mentioned this before, but a) ‘le’ before a day of the week indicates a habitual action (some college students simply cannot grasp that) and b) the verb ‘adorer’ was reserved in the French culture for religious adoration.  I choose the past tense there to indicate that while the peculiarity does exist, it is passing with this older generation.

Having said that, I do ‘adore’ samedi.  All my favorite people are about (or most) and everyone is so joyous to be outside walking their dogs or going to the store!  Everything is new on Saturday.  I wish everyone could find that joy everyday.  They could find a new motto for life, like ‘Hey!  It’s not Saturday, but I’m acting like it!’ or ‘I’m happy even though it’s Monday!’ or ‘No way do I identify with Office Space!’.  Any of those would make wonderful traffic inducing bumper stickers.  You know those bumper stickers that NO ONE can read, but we all still try.