je suis en irelande!

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salut tout le monde!

(in english for the benefit of any who may actually read this!)

it’s our first real day here!  yesterday was interminable, but amazing.  we went to church, a chinese buffet, walked a bit around dublin (should i say stumbled?).  we visited logos hope – a missionary ship that travels around the WORLD and is super amazing.  they gave us a lot of good info for our work this week.  we had pub fare in the late evening (it never gets dark)!



obsessed with the bread.

that is all.

(or not) this morning we had AWESOME breakfast after devotional time.  the granola rivaled marlys’ and the tea was better than coffee! (i take it with milk now). then i got blisters, walked to paul’s flat and worked and worked and worked!  got cleaning supplies (amazing orange bottle grease removal product. go to lidl if you can and BUY IT) cleaned cleaned cleaned. got painting/ cabinetry/ shelving/ tiling supplies and cleaned cleaned cleaned (after my hat almost blew off)

dublin should be sister cities with seattle. i just decided that and since it’s up to me, it’s done.  it’s not only the weather, but glass embedded in the sidewalk like down by elliott’s.  i’ll come up with more reasons, just wait.

tonight we were walking back and hit up a bit more pub fare – and our barkeep was french!  totally impressed the group with the ‘transaction’ (thank you holly!) and scored free guinness glasses!  totally fun!  it’s almost time to head back to our b&b (of which there will be pictures, obsessed.) but let me just say that god is working here, and it is A-MAZ-ING!



  1. You are now officially my favorite blogger. Indeed.

  2. Mine too! Glad you’re having fun, but we miss you!!!

  3. I now drink tea with milk and sugar TOO! The Irish ways are so persuasive!

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