don’t blame me because i’m beautiful.

In word of the day on 02.05.2009 at 05:17

or not.

i just have been REALLY busy okay!  and i suppose this post can qualify as a ‘let’s learn french’ post, but just don’t read it aloud to your kids if you’re not a hippie.  first of all let’s set the stage…

today.  it rained.  it started raining as i went to work – although it rained throughout the night, through my open bathroom window into my foreign language assessment book.  yes into it.  it kept raining at work and i lost count of how many times a thunderstorm started. literally. it was raining as i went home.  it rained when i went to home depot.  it rained on me as i picked out herbs.  then it rained some more when i brought them to the car and parallel parked LIKE A FOOL. how i hate depth perception.

it’s still raining. it’s never going to stop.

so that brings you to a place where you NEED TO KNOW how to say shrooms in the français.  

les champs (n) m hallucinogenic mushrooms, i.e. YO Il a mangé des champs…!


tell your friends and then use it in a sentence if anyone ever asks you how to say something in french.  then tell them it means i love you mom.



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