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la vie est dure.

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first of all – if anyone can clue me in on how to use the wordpress app – i.e. make it put them online, i would be greatly appreciative.  because time one-on-one with my actual computer (not including actual productive test-writing, paper composing, spanish word learning, REAL productive time) is becoming more and more scarce.  

it started with comps, which i thought were over, but of course, like most terrifying and character-building things, are never over.  because who has time to eff around on the computer when there’s twenty five centuries of history to learn about the french language?  riddle me that joker.

it continued when i was blessed enough to have time to read again…

it continued when i went to chicago and my dependency on the ipod touch deepened and deepened.

and now it’s going to reach a whole new level with available reading time, summer, comps round 2, ipod obsession, finals, etc. etc.  basically life that thankfully does not include my adorable little lappy.  because needing it makes me feel like a nerd.

getting back to why the vie is so dure.  i’m actually tired of talking about it, and don’t want to actually write about it, so i will sum it up as i would with an extremely depressing twitter message.

two funerals, two days, one failure at life.

so take that and chew on it.  if you think your week was worse than that (keeping in mind that mine was condensed handily into the last half of the week) then please, by all means, let me know. email, text, leave a comment, find me on twitter, whatever it takes for me not to win this game.

i know you’re out there and i’m waiting.