i learned dirty french words

In hello, Uncategorized, word of the day on 23.03.2009 at 03:03

but i’m not going to post them here.  you’ll just have to coax them out of me… in person.  like a real friend.

i did learn the word for dandelion : un pissenlit.


more importantly i think everyone needs to know about the relevance of the vienna boys choir.  they not only sing in uzbek, bulgarian, german (duh), french, italian, english (with adorable accents), etc. etc. etc., they even dance in leiderhosen all while i clap my little heart out.  but does that make them relevant?  i hear you ask.  well, no, it doesn’t.  but singing my fair lady in german sure does.  and singing rent and ABBA really surely does.  in fact, if anybody is out there that disputes this – then go see them, and if you a) don’t cry during the korean love song and b) don’t adore little austrian boys trying to put some soul into seasons of love, then GO HOME and never speak to me again.

thank you.


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