oh mlk day!

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frist center!

frist center!

this day does not exist in france.

this is not a post to educate you on french words customs or hilarious french people.  but on a related note, i went for free!  to see the relation, i went to SO MANY museums for free in paris: louvre, d’orsay, marmotton-monet, the asian museum, the one with history in the basement! (etc. etc.)

but the frist today!  it was cold outside, bien sûr, but i ventured out of the house, on this day, the day of my holiday!  there was a photograph exhibition, but not just highlighting one photographer’s collection of work, but highlighting an entire collection (the eastman collection) which dated from the beginning on photography (1850’s) to photographs of shirley temple and judy garland!

the only sad part of the day (besides it being cold) was that there weren’t any of my favorite photos in postcard form to take home, which is always a highlight of museum going.  i did get a surprise for someone!  (you can guess who!)


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