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i n a u g u r a t i o n

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(did i spell it right?)

get excited people!


oh mlk day!

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frist center!

frist center!

this day does not exist in france.

this is not a post to educate you on french words customs or hilarious french people.  but on a related note, i went for free!  to see the relation, i went to SO MANY museums for free in paris: louvre, d’orsay, marmotton-monet, the asian museum, the one with history in the basement! (etc. etc.)

but the frist today!  it was cold outside, bien sûr, but i ventured out of the house, on this day, the day of my holiday!  there was a photograph exhibition, but not just highlighting one photographer’s collection of work, but highlighting an entire collection (the eastman collection) which dated from the beginning on photography (1850’s) to photographs of shirley temple and judy garland!

the only sad part of the day (besides it being cold) was that there weren’t any of my favorite photos in postcard form to take home, which is always a highlight of museum going.  i did get a surprise for someone!  (you can guess who!)

the cold has arrived.

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i thought the cold had arrived before. but i was wrong. in fact i didn’t know just how wrong i was, until today.

today, the day of single digits. today the day where wearing pants doesn’t matter, four layers means -2, and hats just don’t help.

now i’m inside, and my hands can type! it’s purely a miracle.

le yoga

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oddly enough – french is easy!


yoga = le yoga.

asana = l’asana

water = l’eau

what you do after = prendre une sieste.


voilà!  le français est tout facile!

evidemment, i thought of this because i found a new yoga studio!  it doesn’t hold quite the same magic as my old new orleans (i heart you wild lotus) studio.  but, let’s face it, sean is not here, he is in nola.  just wait til you see my new shapely arms!  in like 2 months of course.  so be patient – and someone think of a good reason for sean to move from new orleans!!!


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this is oddly familiar.  i feel as if i should start listening to jeff buckley* and never leave my room until these books are read!  it permeates your thoughts, even as you’re picking out tea at wf or trying on dresses at anthro.  why, even when duke won their game, i was thinking ‘poor bella’.


heroin for the eyes

heroin for the eyes

so you better be thankful that i’m even writing this!  and also that i ate meals today.  that is quite miraculous.

*note: i read the historian in the depths of winter in ’06.  also about vampires.  also very long.  also became quite the little antisocial katie while it was being read.


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i loved christmas because 

a) i got to give presents!  what is better than that?

b) i’ll tell you what’s better – getting a necklace by elsa peretti.

c) david came home!

d) cammie was really cute!!!

e) yummy christmas cinnamon buns

f) trip with the family!  (which technically can also be filed under the sometimes annoying category)

g) hiking!!

h) fun to say that i was out in the craziest wind known to man.

i) fun to say ‘blooowing rock!’

j) fun to stay at the renaissance in downtown asheville.  just don’t eat there.  or read your newspaper just outside the restaurant.

k) i love reading!